Da Bruno

Immerse yourself in the rich Italian culinary tradition at Da Bruno, where a passion for great food combines with over 40 years of kitchen expertise. As an Italian chef, I’ve devoted my life to perfecting the art of gastronomy, leading us to open our delicatessen store at Da Bruno Cabopino. Here, we offer an even more authentic gastronomic experience through premium Italian gourmet products.


We take pride in thoughtfully selecting healthy and high-quality products to craft recipes that can be recreated in any home kitchen. What unites us is a shared passion for gastronomic culture and the belief that food is a source of well-being. More than just a business, we are a family committed to providing the highest quality Italian products, ranging from cheeses and cured meats to preserves, pasta, sauces, wines, and spirits. Discover everything we have to offer at our store in Cabopino.


During your visit to Da Bruno, you won’t just savor authentic Italian cuisine; you’ll also have the chance to bring a part of that experience home. Our Italian gourmet products store offers an exclusive selection for customers who wish to carry the authentic flavors of Italy with them. Uncover the culinary excellence that only Da Bruno can deliver, where each product tells a story of tradition and quality.